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06-12-2007/20:25:42 WIB

Age spots can affect almost every one of us from the age of 40 onwards. Fortunately, the skin discolourations are almost never dangerous, they are considered as a cosmetic defect. On the other hand, it is known to use various cosmetic products which can be obtained in pharmacies and drugstores seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment. Laser therapies are even offered. Easier age spots can however be alleviated by good nutrition with natural foods such as soy or with aloe vera substances. What most people do not know is that there are many natural herbs that have been used for centuries against stains on the skin!

Overview: Facts about, reasons and prevention against age spots

Age spots develop from the age of 40
Mostly harmless, only cosmetic deficiency
Disorders of the pigmentation of the skin by UV radiation
Sun protection with high light protection factor helpful
Avoid alcohol and cigarettes
Drink plenty of water or green tea
Healthy diet and sufficient exercise in the fresh air act well
Specific use of garlic, cucumber and parsley is recommended
Vitamins, selenium, zinc and omega fatty acids against age spots
Also isolating various cosmetic covers for age spots

More information about the prevention of age spots

What spices or herbs against age spots?

If you look for a remedy for age spots, you usually land quickly with common cosmetic products. As a result, these can have a good effect and cover well-affected areas of the skin well. Nevertheless home remedies for seborrheic keratosis, too frequent use of such products is not always recommended for every skin type. Therefore, the natural alternatives in the form of herbs should be considered. Quickly, appropriate herbs can be used against age spots as creams, tinctures or compresses!


The natural herbal extract of the watercress or the so-called mulberry can be processed very well to creams, which can lighten the affected skin areas. Unlike industrial, chemical bleaching products, these extracts are obviously less aggressive and therefore more skin-compatible!

Tilia cordata:

By boil of Winterlindenbl├╝ten and the mixing with a scarce liter of pure water an effective tincture against age spots can be created. The healing water can then be placed on the skin in coiling seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment. These commonly known meadows are easily cooked to a boil. For this the plants have to be boiled for about five minutes, then their effect continues for twice as long. This self-made mixture is best placed on textile wraps directly on the age spots.

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